Meeting 1 Recap 🎉

We started out by covering some pros & cons for different linux distros. The main ideas were that Ubuntu is a great daily driver while still learning the nuances of linux. Ubuntu allows you to explore the depths of linux while still offering a safe haven to return to when things get scary. 😱 It may be tempting to jump straight into Arch or Kali linux when practicing web security, but it’s more important to use your new favorite OS as your default computer and not as a specialty app that you just need for some wifi cracking. 😛

If you already are familiar with the command line or have the availability to read a lot of Arch wiki, then we also recommend going with Arch to really learn how your OS works behind the scenes! 🎥

A cool site to start cutting your web-security teeth on is

We talked about some cool plugins to aid in your elite haxor skills 😂

The group also shared some projects they might be interested in working on together:

  • Installing custom firmware on Router (OpenWRT, Tomato, etc)
  • Mr. Robot Hack-a-long
  • Writing some web security tools on git
  • Blockchain app

Thanks to everyone for coming out, hope to see ya at the next meet! 💯