I want to give a special shout-out to the real OGs that came to office hours last week and helped out with the planning to make the club interesting.


  • Hosting CTF workshops for beginner level students
  • We will be competing while the newcomers get adjusted to the thug life
  • There is a CTF going on right now called TAMU CTF. Started on Feb 22 and it ends on March 04. We’re late to the party but you can still go ahead and play.


  • Setting up home labs for security research
  • How about building our own CTF platform, eh?
  • Security Awareness Workshop (get to know all the things that are good for ya and the data!)

Let us know if you want to work on something via slack or email or come by office hours to sign up


  • We are in the process of getting to know our neighbors on campus. Expect to see us collab with a club, nearby high school, security professionals, and/or professors.


  • TBD

There will be more details added very soon! Make sure to check the events page every now and then. If there’s any questions, concerns, etc. bring it up in the slack forum or email us at