Sup folks! Springtime is upon us and spring break is basically here. We started a mailing list. It seems that students aren’t visiting the site as often as I thought. Figured it would be more convenient if I brought the content to you guys instead. Make sure to join if you haven’t already!

Forgive my absence. Midterms has been breathing down my neck all month. I hope midterms have wrapped nicely for the rest of you guys. I know this is a bit last minute, but we’ll be having another meeting tomorrow at ST 2M5-2 from 12:30p - 1:15p

upcoming events

Mr. Robot Hacking Happy Hour



There’s a little project with CUNY 2X Tech that we’re doing in early May so keep a lookout for that one!

There will be more details added very soon! Make sure to check our events page. If there’s any questions, concerns, etc. bring it up in the slack forum or email us